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Kevin and Shannon Rowl are owners of LBR Ranch, LLC in Augusta, Kansas. They are active members in Cowboy Mounted Shooting and support their local Kansas Mounted Shooting Associations. Both have a true passion for horses and the sport of mounted shooting, so providing guidance and support for anyone interested in starting with mounted shooting is their calling. The LBR Ranch is just 4 miles south of Augusta, Kansas and provides ample space for riders to bring their horses to learn about cowboy mounted shooting. The 60 x 100 indoor arena provides an excellent place for riders to learn drills that help teach themselves and their horses balance and direction along with proper gun handling and holstering. There is also a 100x200 outdoor arena where riders can work with their horses with gunfire, practice mounted shooting techniques, and improve their horsemanship skills. Kevin and Shannon work fulltime in the Aircraft business, and in their off time, they travel to various Cowboy Mounted Shooting events across Kansas, Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri, and Arkansas. They also are Dealers for Iconoclast® Equine Sports Boots, the Iconoclast® line of Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Boots are set to revolutionize the way support boots are being made and used today.​

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